Delegado Responsable

The Responsible Officer of Animal Experimentation supervises on behalf of the Rector on animal experiments conducted in the University, connecting the Rector with CEISA and with OpBA.

He/She is required to keep constantly informed the summit of the University of all legislative issues of animal testing, and monitors, on behalf of the Rector, the proper functioning of OpBA and CEISA. He/She works by promoting the principles of transparency and interfaces directly with the public and with civil society, in order to combine scientific progress and biosafety with the principles of respect for animal welfare expressed in the European Directives and Italian legislation.

Currently, with Rector's Decree No. 475 of 14.04/2014 (link to the decree), the function of Responsible Officer to Animal Experimentation of the University is entrusted to:

Prof. Renato Mariani Costantini
c/o Unit of General Pathology
Ce.S.I. Via Luigi Polacchi, 11 - 66100 Chieti
Telephone +39 0871 541496